Monday, October 6, 2014

Dr. Who

Knock, Knock

Who's there?


Doctor Who?

This is Molly's favorite joke that she made up all by herself.

Can you tell we have been introducing the kids to another t.v. show.

I didn't grow up watching Dr. Who. It was kinda out of popularity when I was young but my husband grew up watching this British t.v. show. He knows all the different men who played the Doctor as well as all the lady assistants that have come and gone over the years.  He watched a few episodes of some of the latest seasons when they became availiable on Netflix but I honestly would fall asleep within 10 min of starting. But then one day I actually stayed awake for an entire eppisode and got a little hooked.  I watched most of the last season where Matt Smith played the Doctor and got to know more about the series and the different reoccuring characters.  The kids would hear us watch eppisodes after they went to bed and soon decided they would like to watch them as well. I decided to go back to when Christopher Eccleston brought Dr. Who back. The kids loved that first episode and watched several more from that season. They sort of picked and choosed episodes that they felt like weren't as scary as the others. But before they knew it there was a new doctor.

They really like the 10th doctor played by David Tennant. We are slowly working our way through these seasons. He and rose play a big role in my kids lego building, art drawings and discussions.

I was recently given the opportunity to read and review a Dr. Who novel.  I had no idea there was such a thing but evidently you can read a eppisode rather than watch it.

This book is based on the 12th doctor who is played by Peter Capaldi.  It takes place in Victorian London and also includes some of my favorite supporting characters Madame Vastra, Jenni and Strax.  While reading the book the characters jumped right off the page. It helped that I had seen most of them before in the t.v. show but their voices and manerisms seemed just like I would expect. All except the Doctor. I have never seen this newest incarnation of the Doctor and from the way he interacts with the other characters I can tell he is very different than the 11th, 10th and 9th doctors which I have already become aquainted with.  The Doctor in this book was rather grumpy and sarcastic with everyone. I kept thinking Clara should slap him or something because he was just plane rude to her on multiple occations. I just don't think she would put up with that no mater how exciting traveling through time and space would be or how much she liked the former Doctor. I just thought he was too stiff and unfriendly and didn't seem to really enjoy what he was doing. This is quite different from the former Doctors who really wanted to save earth and all the people on it.

But this isn't supposed to be a review of the Doctor himself. I am supposed to review the book.  The plot of this one is very well written and has all sorts of twists and turns and you really don't know what is coming next. It was a lot of fun to read and picture in my head. My husband actually read it aloud to me so we could both enjoy it.  It was hard to wait to read again becasuse I am so used to it all coming together in a tidy one hour episode and having to drag it out over the course of a book made it drag a little but that could be just because I was having to wait until my husband came to to read it again.

This is a very fun additon for any Doctor who fan. I don't know if it would be as fun a read if I hadn't already gotten to know most of the characters and knew the background of the doctor and such.

I look forward to reading another Doctor Who novel now that I know they are out there.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Trim

While at soccer practice today Molly decided to go through my purse. She gave some gum to hersefl and her friend. On the way home from practice Molly said "I must have swallowed my gum". We then had the discussion about how gum takes a long time to digest and really shouldn't be swallowed. Then shortly before getting to the door I hear "oh here it is in my hair".  I said we would take care of it when we got inside.

I had a few extra kids to heard into the house and one who wanted to ride the rip stick in the cul-de-sac so it took me a few minutes to get from the car to the garage to get the ripstick and then into the house. When I walked in, Molly handed me a large chunck of hair and said "I got the gum out". She must have bee lined it for the scissor drawer because she couldn't have been that much ahead of me.

Now with a handful of hair now missing from one side of her head I figured I better even it out and give her a short cut. Molly's hair took a long time to grow in and she really hasn't had a cut ever in her life. But tonight she got a good 6 inches cut off.

 She thinks that she is a whole new girl and that nobody will recognise her.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rain, Rain, Come Again!

How did we get so lucky. Rain wasn't even in the forcast for today. But it came. The roll of thunder greated us at about 4:00 in the afternoon and by 4:45 the drops started. We never actually saw the lightning but heard lots of rumbles.

 Of course the kids got excited and enjoyed dancing around in our short down pour.

 Wait.... where is Henry in all this? He was getting ready for his soccer clinic. Even though it was raining we headed over to the field for some soccer time.
 The dark clouds kept rolling in and drops kept falling. Look there is even a rainbow in the sky.

 The soccer clinic was cancelled because of the thunder and possible lightning. So our trip to the field didn't last long and we headed back home.  When I walked in the door Ian was laying on the trampoline getting soaked in the rain and our kitty looking out at the wet world. Even she was amazed by the falling water from the sky. It just doesn't or hasn't happen very much, so two days in a row was rather exciting.

Hopefully this is the beginings of many more wet days to come. We could sure use the rain. Then I won't feel so guilty when I take 5 min showers instead of 2 or add an extra rinse when I run the laundry through.

Friday, September 26, 2014


 Here we are outside the Orthodontist's office. She is so excited for this visit because the braces are coming off.  The second round of braces is complete.  This is a big day for a girl who has had almost two years of braces this time around.  She is looking forward to getting to eat popcorn again.  I guess that means I need to buy a new popper because Henry burned the motor out of our popper a few months ago.
 Here is the before.
 And now the after! The teeth are so shiny because she has a temporary plastic retainer over her teeth at the moment.  We get to go back for her actual retainer next week. We were told the retainer will have a tooth included to fill the spot where the cleft left her toothless.  Evidently there isn't enough bone in the gap left by the cleft in her upper jaw to actually put an implant.  I just hope this is the end of orthodontics and surgery. Guess we will see what the Cranial Facial team say about her mouth when we see them next.
For now this girl is happy and looks so good with her now wireless grin.


After months and months of nothing we actually got rain. It only lasted about 20 min. But it wasn't just a misting or a sprinkle it poured. Not for long but it was a start. 

 We sure hope there is more to come in the near future.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


A little over a week ago I noticed Ian had a red mark on his face. When I asked him about it he said it was because Henry threw a tennis ball at his face. I gave Henry a lecture about throwing things and went about my day. The next day the red splotch was bigger and now bumpy. This wasn't a mark from a ball this was something else. It looked like a rash. I set up an appointment to take him in to see the doctor the next morning. We spent 40 min waiting either in the lobby or in the exam room waiting to see the doctor. She walks in takes one look at him and says it looks like ring worm. Evidently it is athlete's foot but on his face and it is treated with a cream that you can buy over the counter at any pharmacy. 

We have a nurse friend who happened to see Ian running around at an activity later that day and he knew just what it was and told us that the best treatment was tabacco. The actualy leaves, wet down and spread on the rash was going to kill it faster than the creams.

We figured we would give it a try. But having never purchased tabacco leaves or products ever we didn't know exactly where to go to get some.  So we headed to Walmart. You can find everything at Walmart. Not my favorite shopping place but handy. After asking several people that work there where the tabacco products were we finally found a bag of tabacco leaves as pure as we could find.

Ian got the tabacco treatment. He really didn't like it. I think part of it is that he knows our family and religions stand on smoking tabacco and he was a little uncomfortable about using it on his skin.  We had to break out the Doctrine and Covenants and look in section 89. Verse 8 says : And again, tobacco is not for the body, neither for the belly, and is not good for man, but is an herb for bruises and all sick cattle, to be used with judgment and skill.

 It was smelly and he said it really stings. But stinging is good since then you know it is killing or cleaning out the fungus. 

The red patch is still with us. It can take 2-4 weeks to go away but the tabacco treatments have seemed to help. We are doing both tabacco treatments and the cream and the red spot is getting less red and we like to think it is getting smaller. It doesn't seem to phase him much. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Just Busy

I don't really know where to begin. We have been running ourselves ragged lately. It takes us a long time to get through all our school work each day and then we run off to Scouts, Soccer, Young Women's activities or Primary Meetings.  We fall into bed each night way later than should be heading to bed and then get up the next morning to do it all over again. Life has always seemed to be in fast forward but lately it is almost rediculusly speedy. We are rushing here and there and trying to get this and that done.  Community band started up again this past week and I really want to play but I just can't bring myself to add one more item into our schedule. It will have to wait until at least soccer is over the season. I just can't juggle it all.

 I ended up somehow being made the assistant couch for Henry team. It is fun to get to know the kids but honestly I don't know anything about soccer. The couch, who happens to be a friend of mine and a lady I work with in Primary, needed someone the first day to help run drills so I jumped up from my camp chair on the sidelines to help. I now at least know the rules of soccer, more or less.  This being Henry's first year playing he isn't every skilled but he makes up for it in desire. He loves to run and is quick. He just needs to work on his kicking and passing. See... I am starting to get the hang of coaching! No... mostly I just hang out and help when I can and during games keep track of the kids who have subbed in and out.

Being the Primary president of our ward has really been one of the most time consuming things I have on my plate right now. There is endless meetings! I have 150 active kids each week and about 30 teachers... oh wait... I forgot nursery... make that about 36 teachers. Plus cub scouts and activity days to make sure are staffed and happening and at the moment we also have the primary program, but that is next Sunday so I can strike that off our list of projects to get done.  I know I have help getting all this done, 2 councilors and 2 secretaries, but I get consulted on almost everything and am expected to know everything that is going on everywhere.  My kids seem to think I am either constantly on the phone or headed to another meeting.

Oh and I am homeschooling too. This is really where my focus should be and usually is.  Our whole family life revolves around learning. Learning about the Civil War, Latin Grammer, Physics and what ever else comes up.

Molly has math, reading, and piano everyday. It is my goal to also read her at least three picture books as well.  This doesn't happen nearly often enough. Poor girl!

Sophie is doing her Williamsburg and I am really taking a minimal role in making sure she gets her work done. I do occationally help her with an assignment and sometimes have to remind her to get back on task when I find her lollygagging  but mostly she is on her own and seems to be doing pretty well staying on top of her assignments each week.

Ian is taking some online classes as well and that is keeping him busy. I consider these classes as a warm up to him joining the Willimsburg Intermediate classes next year. He seems excited! I do have to prod him along to get his work done but so far so good.

Henry decided to take an online art class and he loves that. I don't know if he just loves the fact that he has a class or if he really likes art but he is happy and the boys love the class. It is Henry's class but Ian always sits in and listens.

 We did make it up to Grandma's house last weekend. There were all sorts of cousins there to play with and mostly swim with.
 I know this isn't a flattering picture but  I had to post it.  Grandma jumped off the board. That is a moment to record!

So even with our busy lives we do find some time to enjoy life. I just wish there was a bit more leasure time.  I work really hard to squeeze in reading time. Novels of course. It is what keeps me sain. Those precious moments where I get to jump into another time and place are something I can't live without. 

I really shouldn't complain. It is a good life full of good things. I just don't have as much time, inclination or desire to post much here on the blog. I don't even take many pictures anymore.