Tuesday, December 9, 2014

California Adventure Park

  Is this a sunny day? No Ponchos!? Perfect day to head to California Adventure.

None of us had ever been to California Adventure. We had no idea what to expect and didn't really have any expectations (except to have lunch with princesses). We wandered around Buena Vista street and Hollywood land, rode the Monster's Inc. ride and skipped the Tower of Terror much to Henry's shagrin. But the lines were kinda long today because the sun was back out. Plus nobody else was interested in that thrill ride.

 Bumper cars was the only thing we really did in the bug land.

 We mostly wanted to see Car's land.

They certainly had the look of Radiator Springs done really well!

 We went on Luigi's Flying Tires.

 I loved how they did the cozy cones Motel as food vendors.
 We really wanted to do the racers and even waited in line for an hour. But the line was going so slow and we had a date with princesses so had to bail on the ride when we knew we wouldn't make it to the front in time to make our lunch.

We were sad to loose an hour waiting in line but what else could we do. We later talked to one of the people who had been standing with us in line and she explained that shortly after we got out of line the whole ride had been shut down for a bit and everyone was sent away for a few hours while they fixed the issue. I guess we got out of line just in time to avoid that crowd of angry fellow waiters.

 Molly got her princess dress on so she would be ready for the princess experience.

We spent most of our time at this park on the pier riding the different rides. 

 We did catch a bit of the Viva Navidad street show.  The three Caballeros as well as Mickey and Minnie and lots of dancers all filled the streets near the pier with music and Latin American dancing.

I rode the Jelly Fish ride while this was going on and got a good view of the show.

Ian rode the Jelly Fish alone :(  because Sophie didn't want to ride. She was more interested in the show.

We, of course, rode the carousel. This one had an underwater theme.

We didn't get a picture of it but we loved the Toy Story ride here at California Adventure. We loved getting to shoot the different targets on this ride as well.

Since it wasn't raining this day we actually got to see a parade. This park has a Pixar parade.

 Lots of Monsters Inc.

 It was great to finally get to catch a parade.

But we quickly moved on to ride a few more rides before the big show that night.

Picture taken from the internet and not my camera
I again didn't get a picture of the best ride of the day. We loved Soarin' over California. The large Imax movie screen combined with the seats that lift you up and let your feet dangle was so great! If the line hadn't been really long when we walked out we would have tried to go again.

We also gave the ferris wheel a try and Henry really wanted to ride the Screamer which is the rollar coaster on the pier. The line was too long and again nobody else was that interested. So Henry rode the silly symphony swings as his final ride instead.
 Then we got our good standing room spots infront of the lagoon to wait for the water show.
 We all thought this was way better than a fireworks show. While we waited for this show to start we were able to see the fireworks from Disneyland above the treetops.
 This water show was 30 min long and was lights, water, flames and even bubble snowflakes. The water made screens where images were projected. Olaf was the master of cerimonies and many of the Frozen songs were included.
 It was sort of scary when "Let it Go" came on and every child in the area belted out that song at the top of their voices.  It was like they were all hypnotized by the music.
What a great show! Well worth the visit to California Adventure.

We didn't get to see even half of what California Adventure had to offer.  With the sun shining the lines were pretty long for most rides and we just didn't have time to explore much of what is at this park.  We had a great experience and will just have to try to visit again some time so we can actually ride that Car's Racers and Screamer Rollar coaster or even that Tower of Terror.  But even though Henry wanted to ride but didn't get to he still thought it was a great day.

Molly got to see Princesses!

As we took one of our many walks through Fantasy land Molly spied a place called the Royal Hall where you could meet three princesses.  Since there wasn't much of a line we of course had to go in and say hello.

First Cinderella.  Molly was a little shy. But quickly was able to overcome her awe and gave Cinderella a big hug.

Cinderella was willing to take a picture with everyone. I even dragged the boys in to have a photos too.
Next she was able to say hello to Ariel

Then finally Snow White.

The next day at Disneyland she wanted to go to the Royal Hall to see if there would be any other princesses. We happened to be between rain storms so Belle was out greeting guests. Molly was just about to walk up to her but she was going on break or something so instead she waved to Molly and asked if she would like to walk with her.

Molly and another little girl (dressed as Belle) were able to walk Belle to her door where she gave each girl a hug and then left them giddy with excitement because they were able to hold her hand and walk with her.

We went into the Royal Hall again to see who was visiting and sure enough Snow White was still there.
Ariel was still greeting guests.
And Cinderella again was visiting.

We got a family shot with Cinderella this time since we were all together this time when we visited.
As we left the Hall a performance of Tangled was starting at the nearby pavilion so we got to sit and watch it. We got to see Flinn Rider and Rupunzel act our their story on the stage. It was a lot of fun!

Oh but there is more. Molly hasn't had her princess fill yet!

The next day, after two days at Disneyland we went to California Adventure. Here Molly was able to have lunch at Ariel's Grotto and see even more princesses.

We brought Molly's green princess dress for the lunch event so she would be dressed like a princess.

Ariel Greeted us since it was her Grotto we were visiting.
 We had a lovely table looking out over the lagoon.

Then the other princesses arrived. 

 Aurora came first and talked to each girl.
 Molly sure has the princess poses down!
 Belle came to the party next and greeted everyone.

 Oh look... there is food too. Molly had macarroni and cheese with a hotdog. Fancy fare for a young princess.

 Ian had a fish dish.
 All the plates looked far more fancy than anything we had eaten in days so we dug in while even more princesses ventured into the room.
 Tiana came next.
 And the final guest was Cinderella again. I think this was the same Cinderella that Molly saw on her first visit to the Royal Hall two days before. Cinderella seemed to remember her.

 After a fancy dessert for each of us our meal with the Princesses was concluded.

I think Molly lived her fantasy. The only thing that could have been made her dreams come true would have been to see Anna and Elsa but inorder to see them you had to get tickets and those went so quickly we were never able to get them.
We did walk by the cottage that they greeted guest at and waved at them through the door (They actually waved back to Molly) and saw Olaf on the roof. 

Sophie's wish was to see Merida. We asked and asked about her but everyone said she doesn't come to the parks very often. It is very rare to see Merida around anywhere.